Starting with version 1.2, Karaoquest now keeps a permanent network connection to Karaoki
Once connected, Karaoquest download the songs and stays connected to Karaoki.
If Karaoquest cannot connect but songs were previously downloaded, an 'Offline' mode can be used.
No network connections are required to browse and search the song list.
Network connection is required when requesting a song.

Karaoquest does not save locally the downloaded songs
In version 1.0, Karaoquest does not save the songs downloaded, therefore, whenever the application is restarted, a new connection need to be established to download the songs again. Version 1.1 will save the songs downloaded in order to re-use them without re-downloading them. Version 1.2 now downloads the songbook via Windows network share functionality, all songs of all cases are downloaded at once and integrated into a single list.

Sending Karaoquest to background
You can send Karaoquest to the background and use other applications. When brought to foreground, Karaoquest will resume its tasks at the same point they were suspended when entering background.  While Karaoquest is running in the background, if another application generates memory problems, when Karaoquest is brought back to foreground, IOS will restart Karaoquest from scratch, leading to re-connection, re-download sequence for v1.0. With version 1.1, songs are saved locally so even upon restart, the songs don't have to be re-downloaded from Karaoki.

Troubleshooting for connecting to PCDJ Karaoki

1- Verify the version of Karaoki you are running
2- Make sure Karaoki software running on the PC
3- Make sure you can connect using the old RequestTerminal ?
4- In Karaoki RemoteConnections dialog
  A- Make sure the IP shown next to "My IP Address" is the one you use to connect
  B- Make sure the port shown in the "Port" box is 6000
  C- Make sure 'RemoteEnabled" button is activated 
5- Try disabling/enabling RemoteEnable button
6- Make sure network is activated (WiFi, 3G, LTE)
7- Verify network connectivity between Karaoki and Karaoquest (ping)
8- Verify any firewalls in the network path between Karaoki and Karaoquest
9- Verify if any firewalls are activated on Karaoki PC ?

If you still cannot fix your issue, please use the SendLog function of Karaoquest to report it and send detail information so we can help you.
Supported PCDJ Karaoki versions are: 0.8.5633/5770/5921/5947/6064/6238/6546/6836/7006/7039

Version 1.1 caveats

Domain change
The domain SMP.QC.COM has been discontinued and all redirections are now expired. Therefore all references to this domain in version 1.1 will fail.

Send log not working
Due to domain change, sending a log will fail with unknown destination error. To send a log for support, when the mail window appears, change the destination email from to before submitting your logs.

Web site not loading
Due to domain change, trying to visit Karaoquest website from the About window will fail with server unreachable error. To visit the website, type in the url bar of your internet browser.